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Island experiences designed by island experts.

What is [an] Islandian?

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oct. 10, 2017

What is [an] Islandian?

Try to imagine for a minute that you are walking along a long golden sandy beach, hearing only the sound of the waves crashing on the coral reefs and the coconut leaves dancing in the afternoon wind. Fulfilling your island fantasies is more than ever a reality. It is about feeding your soul with every breath you take, in every single grain of sand that you touch, while living life as if you have always belonged there. 

You are not dreaming; the perfect island experience does exist, and Islandian is here to craft it for you. You just need to get away from your routine and set out for adventure. 

Welcome to the re-imagined travel agency specialised in the islands of the Indian Ocean, welcome to Islandian!

Are you an Islandian?

An Islandian is one born on an island, however, it involves much more than that. In fact, the Islandian is this rare specimen who lives on an island nestled in the middle of the deep blue ocean, or who is driven by immense passion for travelling to Islands. This is just one great love story between men and the easy way of life they lead on these beautiful islands. 

Whether you come from the concrete jungle of London, or the hectic streets of Paris, your heart belongs to those islands where you have experienced the heat of the tropical sun on your skin, dived in the deep turquoise waters and enjoyed discovering the different cultures they advocate. You will suddenly remember what it is to breathe and relax. Hearing nothing but the waves and the wind, realising that the world keeps on spinning while you are leading a slow-pace life. Human nature remains surprisingly a mystery! If you take a seat under the shade of a filaos tree and admire the people on the islands, you will soon realise that they always look much more serene and joyful with an everlasting appetite for life. The reason is that there is an unfeigned way of life embraced by an Islandian and we will invite you to adopt this lifestyle by traveling with us.

If you have this Islandian soul, you most certainly have a strong desire for adventures and a fervour for travelling to the most beautiful islands in the Indian Ocean. If you do feel that way, just keep reading… 

Say hello to Islandian!

While travel agencies have a bunch of travel agents who possess a general knowledge of various destinations, at Islandian we have a set of Island Experts who knows the Islands better than anyone else.

Island living is part of our identity. We are specialised in the islands of the Indian Ocean, as such we are the best counsellors you will find if you want to walk on the powdery sand of the Seychelles or enjoy the rich and varied cuisine of Mauritius. While some travellers find it hard to transcend the walls of their hotel rooms and meet the locals, with Islandian, you will surely be willing to discover the secrets of the different cultures of the Indian Ocean. 

Our travel designers are called experts for a good reason! The tailor-made trips proposed to you are not some random destination chosen on the internet, but they are places that they have experienced themselves. Inspired by their own life experience as natives, they are the best counsellor you will find in the travelling industry and thus can design the trip that will match your desire for adventures. 

The most important thing for you is to identify which type of itinerary you wish to experience. Shall it be crafted around a feature of an island, the kind traveller you belong to, or a particular place, every detail is taken into account to give you the best trip ever. Palm-studded shores and beautiful lagoons are waiting for you.

Your Islandian checklist 

Let the beauty of the islands inspires you and discover what makes an Islandian so special?

WE TAKE OUR TIME: Islandians are hard workers but when it’s time to relax we take advantage of this break!

WE LOVE TO GET TOGETHER: as family or friends, every reason is a pretext to meet and share our stories!

WE UNWIND TO ISLAND SOUNDS: there is something about island sounds; the breeze through the coconut trees, the waves breaking on the reef or the beach, the birds singing in rythym; that is ultimately soothing and call for relaxation.

WE LIVE OUTDOORS: island life is about being amidst nature. By connecting with the natural environment, we come back to our inner self; go barefoot, feel the grass or sand between your toes and the warm sun on your face.

WE SPICE UP OUR TASTE BUDS: island flavours give peps and sparkle to every culinary moment and awakens our feelings.

WE INDULGE IN FRESH FOOD: fruit, vegetables, herbs…the fresher you get the better your feel.WE DRESS LIGHTLY AND BRIGHTLY: island fashion is simple

Now that you know more about us, tell us what your island dream is, so we can walk you through your unique and perfect journey…

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