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Tailor-made wellness holidays in the Seychelles

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mars 07, 2019

Tailor-made wellness holidays in the Seychelles

Looking for a healthy break from work, to unwind, take care of your body and relax away from the frenzy of big cities? Seychelles is your destination of choice! Escape from your daily routine and embark on a wellness journey at the heart of these paradisiacal islands; Mahé, Praslin, and La Digue.

Pampering your body and mind, escapes in tropical nature, and a healthy and tasty cuisine will be the main ingredients for a fabulous tailor-made holiday in the Seychelles.

Body and Mind Wellness

Start with a spa break, an ideal way to experience an immediate sense of well-being. To awaken your senses, head to the exceptional Four Seasons Spa. Nestled on the hills and overlooking Petit Anse Bay, the spa offers healing treatments for your body and mind in the intimate and warm setting of pavilions scattered in nature.

For a tailor-made vacation that meets your needs and desires, choose one of the personalized retreats proposed by the Four Seasons Spa. These multi-day retreats are designed to provide its members with a rejuvenating experience and include a variety of treatments such as yoga and mediation sessions, massages and facials, among others.

We recommend the "Spiritual Journey", an exhilarating retreat to enlighten your body and mind and boost your vitality, while balancing your chakras. Experts use ancient techniques to help you reconnect to the Earth’s energy while focusing on your breathing. The treatments of this personalized retreat include a private meditation session within the mountains, a private yoga session in an ancient Creole house, a bioenergetic mud wrap, a Kundalini massage, an Ananda facial, an Ila under the stars, and finally a bath ritual in-villa.

Digital Detox

As the name suggests, it involves disconnecting from the digital world. A " rehab " treatment during your tailor-made holidays in the Seychelles guarantees a pure relaxing stay. Leave your phone and laptop in your suite and disconnect from social networks. For travellers looking for a change in scenery, Praslin is ideal for an immersion in the unspoilt wilderness of the Seychelles.

Get started by booking your stay at Hotel Constance Lemuria, ideal for couples, friends and family. To reconnect with nature, enjoy several extraordinary activities and discover magnificent landscapes. Beyond the classic activities like stand-up paddle, kayaking, and snorkelling, try on different excursions to discover the surrounding islands. Discover miles of pristine beaches on Île Félicité, giant turtles on Île Curieuse and the famous sea coconut, and endemic animals in the vallée de Maï - a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

For honeymooners, a picnic on the mythical-postcard-worthy beach of Anse Georgette will perfectly fit within this romantic getaway. Golf enthusiast, treat yourself to a unique experience on the magnificent 18-hole course of Lemuria Golf Course, offering a breathtaking view over a cove surrounded by turquoise waters or volcanic rocks. Finally, the lucky ones will get to witness the unique sight of egg-laying sea turtles at the Constance Lemuria Hotel.

A healthy and tasty cuisine

During holidays, it is usually hard to resist appetizing treats and to eat « healthy ». With these tailor-made holidays in the Seychelles, enjoy a healthy and tasty cuisine through local cuisine. The archipelago's islands favour fresh ingredients, in particular succulent fish, cooked in the most varied flavours so as to please even the most refined palates. Surrender to a sensory journey in a haven of peace and serenity at Domaine de L'Orangeraie located on La Digue Island. The hotel features two restaurants, "Le Combava" and "Le Santosha", where colourful dishes and flavours inspired by Indian cuisine can be tasted. Typical Seychelles dishes are mainly based on rice and served with vegetables, tropical fruits and freshly caught seafood.

Among the island's emblematic recipes, discover "cari coco" - a curry made with coconut milk and marinated land and seafood products or taste the "fish rougail" - made with tomato sauce and spices. The most curious traveller will certainly get tempted by the "roussette curry" - a dish made from bats or "zourite curry" - made from octopus. Make the most of your stay and treat yourself to desserts and vitamins beverages such as fresh fruit juices, fruit skewers, delicious coconut juice or a Citronella-based tea to be savoured after your meal.

Zen Attitude

To avoid neglecting your physical condition during your tailor-made holidays in the Seychelles, plan a series of activities for you to stay in shape. Staying active can actually help you feel refreshed and adopt the "zen attitude". The Seychelles offer a diversity of landscapes and a wide variety of activities, between land and sea, leaving you with an abundance of choices.

Off to Mahé Island, the largest island in the archipelago, which is home to almost everything you could have dreamed of to fulfil your island fantasies. First off, book your stay at the Carana Beach Boutik Hotel, edged by one of the most picturesque beaches at the northern tip of Mahé. From your hotel, visit the surrounding coves and the capital, Victoria.

To explore the fauna and flora of the Seychelles, we recommend a trek along Mare aux Cochons trail, located at the heart of Le Morne Seychellois National Park. A hike on “Trois Frères” will bring some breath-taking panoramic views of its summit, while Anse Major hike will allow you to discover a wide variety of endemic plants and animals with magnificent views over the ocean. Take a detour to Victoria's capital for an immersion in the local culture and visit the Creole fishing villages for an authentic approach and beautiful local encounters.

Contact an Islandian expert today to plan your healthy holidays in the Seychelles!

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