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We have what you are looking for this upcoming All Saint's Day holidays

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juin 29, 2018

We have what you are looking for this upcoming All Saint's Day holidays

For those who are looking for Indian Ocean vacation prospects for the upcoming All Saint's Day holidays it couldn’t be easier spending a dream vacation on your favorite island, and there are plenty of flights from various destinations around the world. These days most continent are linked to Mauritius, the Seychelles and the Maldives by non-stop air travel.

To top it off, each resort and hotel has what you are looking for to ensure your arrival, visit and getting-about are cool and laid back. Plus there are a number of exciting options for island-hopping to outer islets and atolls that are sprinkled throughout the region, whether it is via small aircraft, a seaplane or helicopter, gliding over-water in a cruising catamaran or riding the waves on your own chartered speedboat.

Pearl of the Indian Ocean

At 20 degrees south of the equator, Mauritius is well-known for its glistening white beaches, iconic mountain ranges peaking in the distance, and its friendly populace formed from an eclectic blend of Asian, European and African cultures.

Serviced by no less than 16 airlines operating from Europe, Asia, India, the Gulf and Africa, Mauritius is well within the time zones of its visitors. Getting around the island is easy: hire a chauffeur-driven private car, rent a vehicle or order a taxi cab. These options are available at the airport or through your hotel, and may be booked prior to your stay or once you arrive. For a particular style of transport which allows a broader view of the landscape, the local bus transport is reliable and vibrant, meandering through the villages and towns, into the countryside, up the mountains and along the winding coastline.

The 20 Degrès Sud is a charming 36-room boutique hotel situated in the north, near the tropical parallel of the island. A member of the exquisite Relais & Châteaux group of hotels and the only one of its kind on Mauritius, this hotel offers massages and body treatments, sea sports and nature activities – in short everything to ensure you experience an unforgettable holiday. The restored 1920’s era boat sits along the lagoon jetty and is perfect for dining cruises and evenings under the stars. 

The hotel team will make efforts to guide you to wherever you want to go in your discovery of the sumptuous surroundings. Featured sites are Ile aux Cerfs, le Morne Brabant, Black River Gorges, Port Louis and Flic-en-Flac, Ganga Talao and 7-Coloured Earth. Don’t stop there! A number of other places and things to do exist, as well as an array of restaurants and cafés dotting the island to enjoy while you are here.

Barefoot Luxury

Already in the region? Then visiting Rodrigues is a must. Trek around this volcanic island, situated 500 kilometres east of Mauritius and encircled by an extensive coral reef. It is said that Mauritian hospitality has been relocated here, and why shouldn’t it – since Rodrigues is one of a handful of its outer territories! Regular flights are available from Mauritius or Reunion, alighting at Plaine Corail airport where you will be enchanted immediately by the unique and authentic hospitality of this tiny island where time stands still and nature belongs to you exclusively.

The Tekoma Boutik hotel is situated on the wild northeast coast, overlooking a natural turquoise bay, typifies this sentiment, with only 15 individual dwellings and plenty of wide open space in every direction.

While you’ll want to wear hiking shoes when trudging about the rocky jagged terrain where traveling by foot is the norm, or don a pair of pedal pushers for bicycle tours inland, you are most likely to be caught foot loose and fancy free: this is the place to partake in extreme outdoor sports like no other, from kiting, diving, surfing, to traditional fishing, boating and more.

Day trips can be taken in a vehicle – the smaller the better for squeezing through narrow roads and tropical woods sagging with fruit laden foliage. Navigating the hilly landscape is a joy as you come alongside walking locals who are all too happy to chat for a moment or point you along the right – and only – course.

Points of interest include strolling Port Mathurin town and its lively market, the underground stalactite cave at Caverne Patate, Trou d’Argent beach where you will find beautiful blue bottle shells – please take empty ones only, the Tortoise Park and Cave Reserve, and Mont Lubin. Days are not complete without a stop at one of the many animated restaurants and table d’hôtes which will entice your olfactory senses with aromas and tastes beyond this world.

Island-Hopping at its Finest 

Without a doubt, island-hopping is encouraged in the Seychelles, and rightfully so. With over 100 islands spread throughout an expansive blue ocean, it’s the best way to take in the full range of beauty and extravagance evoked by these ancient granite formations of dinosaur dimension, enhanced by spectacular vistas. You will certainly find the perfect setting among them to act as a starting point for a holiday filled with passionate experiences.

If arriving by yacht, there are harbouring facilities at the main islands; otherwise, inter-island access is facilitated – typically by the resort – via small aircraft, sea plane, helicopter, cruising catamaran, speedboat, or dinghy.
One spectacular resort which allows visiting several neighbouring isles, is the Six Senses Zil Pasyon located on Félicité, a forested granitic island. The fun begins as you are whisked off from Mahé for an exhilarating 20-minute helicopter journey, whirling above a sparkling ocean scattered with random fragments of verdant terrain. Once aground and royally greeted, you are conveyed to your private villa among just 30, nestled discreetly under a sun speckled jungle. 

Félicité is part of the La Digue group of islands, popular for marine parks, coconut plantations and dive spots, accessible by small boat or dinghy. The largest neighbour, Praslin, with its nature reserve and numerous bays, is also within reach by helicopter. You will be spoilt with many outdoor aquatic activities: snorkelling, trekking, bouldering, fishing, cycling, kiting, golf, as well as rejuvenating spa cures and fitness sessions, plus exciting kid’s activities; enough to keep everyone well cared for and energized during the entire holiday.

A key Seychellois treasure is environmental protection – taken seriously by the resort. This extends to its self-sustenance through sea- and farm-to-fork cuisines prepared from abundant fresh ocean fare, and home grown fruit and veggies harvested from local gardens. 
One might say that an excursion around the inner islands of the Seychelles is akin to wandering through liquid space and discovering your bearings with every step you take – or splash you make, as is the case. 

Opulence and Sunset Fusion

So you want to go to the Maldives with its 22 atolls – stretching like an assortment of necklaces strewn along the southern tip of the Arabian Sea and the upper reaches of the Indian Ocean – each islet delicately posed before an endless horizon that reveals so many nuances of blue, you will lose count. Blessed with sunshine for the better part of the year, you couldn’t ask for more bliss and indulgence whichever isle you choose to visit. 

Upon arrival at Malé International airport, you are taken to the seaplane terminal where Constance Halaveli has its own private lounge. A scenic 25-minute flight will convey you over the most surreal seascape you ever envisioned, bringing you to this remote resort on North Ari Atoll, where you will remove your shoes to wander the white sandy beaches, and marvel at the endless jetty leading to over-water villas, set upon stilts in the turquoise lagoon.

Prepare to be embraced by warm tropical seas, where you swim or snorkel to neighbouring islets for a daytime picnic, or skirt about the cays in a traditional wind-driven Dhoni for idyllic fishing trips or sunset cruises. Speedboats are available for transiting greater distances to exclusive dive spots, and on scuba excursions.

A diver’s paradise awaits – perfect for beginners, seasoned divers, kids or adults. You will find endless channels, caves, wrecks, overhangs and coral reefs, offering exhilarating explorations and marine sightings galore. There is windsurfing, catamaran sailing, canoeing, paddle boarding and more. 
Become one with your senses at U Spa, for private moments of serenity while children are kept active and happy, with recreation and games for all ages, including babysitting services for the youngsters.

Watching Maldivian sunsets is a must, and since no two are alike, add a new file to your Instagram account for sharing each remarkable end of day, as the sky fills with colours and illumination, while transcending from twilight to dusk. 

Can you think of a better way to spend your next All Saint's Day vacation?

Let our Islandian Experts help create your next Indian Ocean island experience now

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