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Ten days’ discovery of Reunion Island’s coastal villages

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août 22, 2019

Ten days’ discovery of Reunion Island’s coastal villages

3,2,1 let’s go!

A trip between land and sea to enjoy the best of what Reunion has to offer. Located in the southern hemisphere, the island is sunny half of the year. During your tailor-made holidays in Reunion Island, discover the holiday-villages on the coasts. Carved by the ceaseless waves crashing into the lagoon, Reunion’s coastline attracts visitors from around the world who want to bask in the sun, on the vast expanses of beach that surround the island.

With its European, African and Asian cultural influences, Reunion is an island of incredible diversity. Five hundred years of history have shaped this vibrant island; in the midst of an exceptional natural environment. A land of contrast, Réunion has inherited its cultural wealth and traditions from its diverse population. Located in the heart of the Indian Ocean, the island has retained its abrupt appearance, with its lush nature which never fails to make a lasting impression to visitors. The island calls for discovery and adventure. A perfect getaway to in sync with nature and water.

We suggest you get closer to the coast to discover and indulge in the sweet and slow-paced island life. Clinging firmly to the mainland, the beaches of Reunion wind themselves around the island like a silky white ribbon. Its fine sand is soft as a caress under your feet. The holiday-villages found along the coast embody the very essence of the discreet luxury and generosity of the Reunionese population. Explore the island’s different landscapes according to your desires and needs.

It’s time to head to the southwestern coast!

Set the tone from the first day of your tailor-made holidays in Reunion Island by heading to the southwestern coast, in the seaside town of Saint Leu. The village is characterized by its vibrant neighborhoods, its coastline marked by the wear of time and its rich array of activities to practice on land, at sea or in the air. Hiking in nature, paragliding, underwater exploration... Adventure seekers will experience the sublime when discovering the magnificent beauty of the Reunionese coastline.

Before setting for adventure, get acquainted to your new home away from home for the first part of your tailor-made holidays in Reunion Island. The Blue Margouillat, a 5-star boutique hotel, is tastefully decorated, blending in perfect harmony the architectural heritage and contemporary purism. A discrete luxury full of charm that will seduce, as soon as you cross the front door. The Blue Margouillat exudes authenticity and proudly displays its Creole culture. It embodies the very essence of island life and Reunion lifestyle. Located on the heights of Saint Leu, the boutique hotel overlooks the bay, offering a panoramic view of the striking landscape that surrounds it; A pure impression of living between land and sea.

Enclosed in lush greenery in the southwestern peninsula, the Blue Margouillat is a haven for those seeking serenity and relaxation. The rooms and suites of the 5-star boutique hotel are imbued with the chic Creole touch that characterizes it. Indulge in absolute sweetness in the large bathtub and enjoy a delicious signature cocktail. You are now ready for adventure.

Stroll through the streets of the city and soak up the warm atmosphere. Immerse in local life and get acquainted to the inhabitants; they will be happy to share with you the rich history of the island. You’re literally embarking on a cultural trip! Halt by the Stella Matutina Museum; it keeps preciously unsuspected historical treasures. The botanical conservatory will appeal to plant lovers with its collection of endemic species. Get closer to sea turtles in Kelonia for an unforgettable experience.

Along the coast, viewpoints have been installed; they offer an unobstructed view of the breathtaking landscape that unfolds before your eyes. Visit the great outdoor sites such asLe Souffleur, Pointe au Sel or Bois Blanc.

On the way to Petite-Ile!

Your adventure on the Reunionese coast now proceeds in Petite-Ile. Situated in the south, Petite-Ile owes its name to the only island visible from the mainland. The rather discreet commune seduces by its beauty in raw state. The town of Petite-Ile is famous for its production of garlic. Tip: Book your holidays in October so you may attend the Garlic Festival. Worth a visit!

Petite-Ile is also home to one of the most beautiful beaches on the island; Grande Anse. A breathtaking landscape that you will have the chance to discover during your stay on the coasts of Reunion Island.

First stop at the Palm Hotel & Spa to drop your luggage.

Nestled in the heart of a dense vegetation and wide landscape of greenery, the 5-star hotel faces the beach of Grande Anse, thus having direct access to the white sandy beach. For more privacy, we recommend the discrete retreat of the lodges. Perched on top of a cliff, they overlook the blue-green lagoon. A perfect cocoon for a romantic getaway on the coast of Reunion Island. The boldness of contemporary architecture blends in perfect harmony with the authentic creole inspiration. The legacy of excellence, luxury and service has set the standards of this 5-star hotel.

Wake up to the first rays of sunlight and from your private deck, appreciate, as the island slowly comes to life. The viewpoint of Piton Calvaire allows you a pleasant view over the bay. Head to a hiking expedition in Mare Forest and enjoy a savoury picnic at the shade of exotic trees. Reunionese are fond of their Sunday outings, where they meet up with friends and relatives to share local specialties. The Domaine du Relais, located 900 m above sea level, is ideal for hiking and offers facilities to warm your meals during picnics.

Before getting back to the luxurious comfort of the Palm Hotel & Spa, stop by the Piton de la Grande Anse. Overlooking the bay, it offers a magnificent view of the beach below. Plunge your feet in the fine sand and enjoy the gentle caress; softness at its peak!

The end of a perfect Reunionese trip!

As your visit to the coastal villages of Reunion Island draws to a close end, check-in to the large resort complex of Saint Gilles. Located in the Southwestern tip, the seaside resort is a gem, only a few minutes away from some of the most beautiful beaches of the island. A privileged location where the LUX* Saint Gilles; A 5-star hotel that embodies luxury and Reunion Island’s culture. The elegance of this establishment can be noticed both from the interior and exterior, with a colonial-styled building bordered by giant palm trees and enhanced by noble furniture and fabrics in different shades of white, blue and grey. When it comes to gastronomy, LUX* Saint Gilles celebrates the amazing local cuisine at Carry's Bar Kitchen, while the Orangina restaurant offers a culinary world-tour with local dishes among others inspired by African and American regions.

You can also treat yourself to some rums, specialty of the hotel, during dinner or while relaxing by the giant turquoise pool. LUX* de Saint Gilles is the guarantee of an unforgettable stay in a heavenly setting.

Now that you have settled in we shall lead you on a discovery tour through the town of Saint Gilles. What about switching your rental car for a bike? Be amazed by the spectacular harmony of water at Bassin des Aigrettes and Bassin Cormoran. Whichever you opt for, you will be just minutes away from the beautiful beaches bordering the coastline; Hermitage, Boucan Canot, Roches Noires, Brisants ... Explore them all during your visit to the coastal villages of Reunion Island.

Shaded by filao trees, Hermitage is the longest beach of the island protected by coral reefs. Spelled Ermitage long ago, the beach owes its name to the town of L'Hermitage les Bains.It attracts visitors from other villages seeking to spend quality time with their loved ones. Situated between the city center of Saint Paul and the commune of Saint Gilles, Boucan Canot is well-known for its water and sport activities. The impressive waves crashing into the lagoon make Boucan Canot a favorite spot for surfing. You can wind down in the afternoon with a thrilling introduction to surfing.A stone's throw from the city centre and the marina of Saint Gilles, is the beach of Roches Noires.It is easy to guess that it was named after the volcanic rocks that submerge out of the water therein.This sparsely frequented and isolated beach offers a discrete retreat away from the bustling of the town.A beautiful conclusion to this visit of the coastal villages of Reunion Island.

A beautiful conclusion to this visit of the coastal villages of Reunion Island. You will surely satisfy your quest for a unique island experience in the midst of the flawless exotic island and its beaches of staggering beauty. 

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