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Adrenaline Rush: Tailor-made family holidays in Réunion Island

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juin 14, 2019

Adrenaline Rush: Tailor-made family holidays in Réunion Island

With its steep and rough topography, Reunion Island is revealed as a land of contrasts conducive to adventure. Covering an area of 2,512 km2 and located in the Mascarene Islands, it is about 172 km in the southwest of Mauritius and only 30 minutes by plane from its sister island. For your tailor-made family holidays in Reunion Island, thrilling adventures awaits you.Your mission ; is to enjoy your dream vacation to the fullest while we cater for all your very needs. Upon your arrival as soon as you land at the Roland Garros airport, we handle it all.

On the way to your accommodation with your personal driver,marvel at the green and spectacular landscape that unfolds before your eyes. The wild beauty of Reunion Island is breathtaking. Its steep slopes, luxuriant nature, harmonious blend of colonial and modern architecture, heterogeneous population and local gastronomy are an invitation to indulge into the local culture. The immersion starts right as you arrive at the guest house held by Mr Jista and his wife. The property held by the couple is located a stone's throw from the mountains of Plaine des Palmistes. There, you will have a glimpse of the Creole friendliness but also and especially taste the exquisite local cuisine.

Once settled in, we suggest a visit around the neighborhood to discover the region. Put on your walking shoes and hit the road!You will be amazed by the topology of Reunion Island with its green landscape that can reach peaks or dive into valleys buried in the hinterland.First stop is scheduled at the Far Far Kréol where Jacky is eagerly waiting for you. Prepare yourself for an ultimate local gastronomic adventure that will sublimate your taste buds. The local market will be your place to be for this culinary journey. Your senses will awake to the scent of spices. Follow Jacky, your guide for the day and fine connoisseur of      local cuisine who will carefully select the products used for the evening meal.You are invited to dine at your guide’s place. The first day of your tailor-made family holidays in Reunion Island is starting on a slightly spicy note. One of our Islandian experts, Thierry, has experienced our tailor-made family holiday in Reunion Island. Follow his journey as he recalls his thrilling adventures.

To make the most of this tailor-made family holiday in Reunion Island, we woke up at dawn. After a good night’s sleep, we are ready to embrace the day. Warmly dressed, we relish upon the exotic breakfast before heading to La Plaine des Cafres, our backpack filled with water bottles and snacks with some evocative scents. We are taken on a hike through one of the most beautiful tropical forests that we will have the opportunity to discover in Reunion Island.Belouve forest is perched at 1,300 m altitude in the eastern part of the island. We are advised to keep our eyes wide open as we reach the splashing curtain of the cascades of Trou de fer. The view is spectacular. The adventure has only just begun.

In the afternoon, we plan to visit the volcano Piton de la Fournaise, which is not far from Plaine des Cafres. The volcano, which rises up to 2,632 meters, is visible from miles around, even when the clouds circle its peak.Piton de la Fournaise is one of the world’s most active volcanoes and also the most visited site in Reunion Island. Those who are lucky enough can witness, every nine months on average, a spectacular eruption.

After having  admired the lava-spitting colossus and digging up some relative information at the media library, it is time for our little tribe to start the descent. Back at La Ferme Pécher Gourmand, we settle down for a delicious dinner concocted by the expert hands of our hosts. The charmingly decorated Creole chalet is nestled in the luxuriant nature of Reunion Island. Peacefulness is what reigns around.We sink between the warm sheets into a restful sleep.

After exploring the breathtaking heights, the previous day, we were taken to visit the underground thoroughfares of Reunion Island; The promise of an exciting adventure for us. Our guide leads us into the blue tunnel, classified as one of the three most beautiful tunnels on the island.

The experience  is a feast for the eyes and a fascinating history lesson. We have the amazing opportunity to discover 22,000 years of history preserved in the form of impressive lava sculptures. We find our way back to our accommodation our head filled with wonderful stories and eyes still sparkling after witnessing the astonishing miracle of nature.

Our fourth day in Reunion Island is a total immersion in the rich culture and history of the island. We head to Saint Pierre and Saint Joseph in a cart drawn by oxen, a transportation mode used in the past. Sandy, our guide of the day, was bestowed the mission to introduce us to his profession, his passion: is farm. Equipped with a sword, we are taught how to cut sugar canes, which requires a technique that we hardly even imagined. Proud of our achievement, we leave our swords behind, refresh ourselves before enjoying the real feast prepared by Sandy; a variety of “gâteaux péi” for us to treat ourselves upon.Enough to whet our appetite!. Luckily for us, our generous host has prepared a copious picnic served amidst the plantation estate's garden.When lunch is over, we head to Ile aux Palmistes, in Vincendo. This Gîte de France accredited accommodation is located on the outskirts of Saint Joseph .We retire early to our rooms, impatiently waiting for tomorrow’s adventure. 

On this new day in Reunion Island, we venture into the lush labyrinth of tea plantations in Grand Coude for a rich and savoury discovery. During our visit, we learn the whole process of tea making, from planting, harvesting to the time they are served to us. On the way back, we are treated to a magnificent scenery offered by the dense and luxuriant nature of Reunion Island.

The next day, we slip into our sneakers to head to Langevin Waterfall, one of the most breathtaking ones on the island.After admiring the splashing water disappear into the valley, we make our way to L’Etang Salé forest on a segway before stopping at the black sandy beach.Instead of roaming around on foot, we get on board a segway for a new experience. Once we learn to master the segway, we follow our guide to the black sand beach. We spend that night in the city of Saint-Leu, at the cottage of Balcon Créole, run by François and Michelle. We immediately slip into a sound sleep, tiredness got the upper hand.

As our tailor-made family holidays in Reunion Island draw to an end, we decide to get the adrenaline pumping one last time. To make the most of the day, we are up early, heading to Saint Leu.Perched at an altitude of 800 meters, we completely and totally enjoy this moment of extreme sensation while reveling the stunning view ahead. The descent is even more spectacular than in our wildest dreams. We admire at bird’s eye view the landscape that unfolds before our eyes, conquered by the natural beauty of Reunion Island. 
In the afternoon, change of scenery … After having mastered the wind, we embark in Saint Gilles for a last magical night. We sail through the lagoon at sunset, cocktail in hand, admiring from the sea the Reunionese coast stretching out on the horizon. We fell under the spell of this authentic island. The bewitching musical notes of our last one in Reunion Island will remain forever engraved in our memory.

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