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Paradise to the tune of your heart

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sept. 10, 2018

Paradise to the tune of your heart

Early June … Yovana, Olivia and Marjorie toured 3 of the largest, and one of the tiniest, islands in this sprawling archipelago. In our previous blog, Islandian recounted their adventures on the island of La Digue, where they bicycled to every location north and south. This week we recount their excursion to the island of Ile Ronde, for a very exclusive, yet off-the beaten-track style of travel.

Indisputable Eco-System

The three ladies left the serenity of La Digue the next morning – this time by return ferry to Mahé on the Cat Rose – where their senses were awakened to more of the Seychelles’ natural wonders, glorified by the early sun at their backs.

Once there, they ventured to Carana Beach, a recently built jewel of a boutique hotel, with a character and soul of its own. Located on the north-eastern tip of Mahé, the hotel’s tastefully decorated chalets offer picturesque views onto the bay and ocean, with lush gardens that are embraced by lovely beaches, a breath-taking turquoise lagoon, and an ever-present granite stone backdrop.

Marjorie indulged in the spa’s locally-produced line of personal care products made from cold-pressed virgin coconut oil, and tinged with cultivated herbs and spices such as cinnamon, vanilla, lemon, or eucalyptus.

At midday, the trio set off for Ste Anne Marine National Park, located in the bay along the eastern coast of Mahé. Access to the park is limited – it remains one of the most important sites for hawksbill turtles in these granitic islands, requiring restriction of beaches during nesting season – so getting there is managed by reservation only, and via a 10-person boat which departs from Eden Island.

While lunching high atop a hill at Enchanted Island Resort, located on Round Island – one of the smaller islets at the park’s aquatic centre – our rovers were astounded by the idyllic setting, surrounded by profuse foliage and tiny creeks trickling to the sea. The resort’s intimate villas have been built to harmonise with the dramatic land and seascape, incorporating a clean, modern design with the essence of creole-style architecture. Each one is decorated using touches of exquisite fabrics and signature antique pieces. Stunning vistas appear from every vantage point – even the bathtub, which is set upon a deck overlooking the ocean!

Of course, no fuelled vehicles of any sort are permitted on Round Island – only electric buggies – so it is an ideal eco-destination for those who want to remain close to Mahé, yet also great for honeymooners looking for blissful peace, or for a final night’s sojourn after a series of island-hopping excursions around the Seychelles.

After a splendid 5-day voyage, our adventurous trio of travel experts agree that the Seychelles offers an exquisite dream-come-true vacation. They have returned home with a suitcase of experiences and stories to share with you as you embark on your own holiday plans in these magnificent islands.

What better way to plan your holidays in the Seychelles than with one of our Islandian Experts, who will assist you in creating your dream Indian Ocean island experience.

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