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5 insights for Reunion island holidays into the wilderness

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juin 03, 2020

5 insights for Reunion island holidays into the wilderness

The world is big, and the possibilities are wide. An adventure experience you ask? Start by asking yourself the right questions. What are my reasons to get away from it all? What do I expect from this escape? How can I best prepare for it? Once the answers are clear in your mind, get ready for an adventure like no other, the kind that deviates from the well-traveled tourist trail.

Down on the South part of the World map, Reunion is an island rising out of the Indian Ocean which, under a pleasant climate, mixes cultural heritage sites, Creole atmosphere, and thrilling activities at the heart of the wild nature. This place is, for sure, the ideal playground for an energetic journey. We've got this!

#1 You can't make an omelet without breaking some eggs

To be a traveler is to be hungry for discoveries, just like spending nights hiking hidden routes, speeding across choppy waters, trek through the forest, communing with rare animals, or even learning how to survive in a harsh environment.

Going far away or even a few miles from home, allows oneself to see things from a new angle. This is the reason why once we have set the right time and the budget we need, our mind goes wild by thinking about a getaway that will take us out of this ordinary daily life routine.

Travel is essentially a way to invest in oneself, to acquire wisdom, skills, knowledge, perspective, and experience. Unlike films or books in which we could get lost for hours on end, travel allows us to be the main character in life experience, that will forever be part of our best memories.

“We all have our own reasons for taking a break from our professional lives. Some will dream of exoticism, others of calm, others of cultural activities... The ball is in your court!” - Cathy, Islandian Expert.

#2 Well begun is half done

To make a long story short, motivation is the key element in the overall success of any project, both personal and professional – and is determined by the energy one uses to satisfy a need or to achieve a goal.

“To meet the locals? To discover incredible views? To find yourself? To try new things out of pure curiosity? To fulfill a childhood dream? It's up to you to define the motivation of your next adventure holidays!” - Shirley, Islandian Expert.

When traveling, we listen to our inner needs and faced with unforeseen situations that we may be confronted with, we regain self-confidence just when we thought we were incapable of overcoming them. Remember, good things come to those who wait!

#3 A Reunion Island holidays are like getting a second wind

At the heart of the Indian Ocean, Reunion Island is home to one of the most active volcanoes in the world. Thanks to its dense and green nature, dramatic landscapes, and unique coastline, the so-called “intense island” will definitely take your breath away. Out-off-the-beaten-track adventure seekers and adepts of lively holidays in search of physical activities are the frequent travelers, the habitués of the place.

Between the white or black sandy beaches, the high mountains, or the many hiking and diving spots, the choice of outdoor experiences in the stunning local surroundings is simply huge!

“For the curious, nearly all the diving sites are nestled on the western part of the island, between Boucan Canot and St-Pierre. Still, hiking remains the most popular activity. People come here from all over the world to uncover Reunion’ wild side.” - Patrice, Islandian Expert.

May, June, September, and October are the best times to practice hiking over untouched trails, off-road terrain, and the mountain peaks. Here, many trails are designed for both travelers and locals. At the end of each trail, soak up the scenery and refuel on a gourmet picnic in one of the most picturesque locations on earth, before going downhill.

Light backpacks, sun protection, cap or hat, sunglasses, socks and hiking boots, mosquito and insect repellent, flashlight or headlamp, water bottles, and snacks... In short, get ready with all the gear for a top-notch expedition!

#4 How to prepare for an adventure as right as rain

“Born on the islands of the Indian Ocean, we live and breathe the salty air. We know these Edenic havens inside out and make sure to stay constantly informed about all the news and initiatives conducted in the islands, to ensure that the services we offer remain in line with our quality standards. We collaborate with trusted partners based on each island and only choose the best hotels and experiences to tailor bespoke luxury experiences that fit you.” - Patrice, Islandian Expert.

When planning your getaway to an unknown land, your dedicated Expert will guide you to create something that is entirely you.

• If you are looking for a chic and cozy address for your Reunion Island trip, choose Blue Margouillat. This marvelous boutique hotel, located on top of the charming town of Saint-Leu, offers an epic view of the Indian Ocean.

• For local food lovers, the Hotel Restaurant Boucan Canot will be ideal. This 4-star address features direct access to the beach and a classy yet relaxed atmosphere, perfect for luxury Reunion Island holidays.

• For a “back to basics” stay, head to the charming 3-star hotel Cases Couleurs, nestled in Saint-Leu. Here, comfort and privacy are the master words. You will enjoy a superb stay at the heart of the Creole huts, inspired by the architecture of the Reunion Island’s colonial houses.

• You may also opt for one of our itinerant trips designed by our Local Experts. "Discover Reunion Island with new eyes" is a magical 8-day and 7-night experience, based on the four elements - earth, air, water, and fire. This experience is flexible, according to your desires and your budget.

• Our tailor-made experience “Reunion island: On the road to a date with history and heritage” invites you to open your eyes – and your heart – to step inside the local culture of the island, during a 9-day and 8-night journey.

“I am here to give you the best tips on our greatest beaches, surf spots, unique culture, best hiking trails, and sumptuous local food. I will guide you in the design of your project, while still leaving room for your discoveries, as the unexpected often reserve us beautiful surprises!” - Christina, Islandian Expert.

#5 Don’t miss the boat on these experiences during your Reunion Island trip

If you want to go fast, walk alone, but if you want to go far, walk together." - African proverb.

On the west coast of the island, the Piton Maïdo’s rampart is located at an altitude of 2,200 meters, just like a balcony open on the cirque of Mafate and the surrounding summits. “Admiring the sunrise on the top of the Piton Maïdo promises a pure emotional moment!” - Christina, Islandian Expert.

On a long hike, some people run fast. Others walk smoothly. Still, others crawl with difficulty. But eventually, they will all reach the end of the trail.” - Chinese proverb.

In 2010, UNESCO inscribed the Pitons, Cirques et Remparts of Reunion Island on the list of World Heritage natural sites for their outstanding universal worth. “Once your Reunion Island holidays started, you will realize that in such an unspoiled setting, hiking is a must!” - Cathy, Islandian Expert.

Starting from the Cilaos cirque, stop at the unique lodge of the Piton des Neiges, for the last few kilometers of the walk. On the mountain top, there is the most stunning view over the three cirques: Mafate, Salazie, and Cilaos.

In an accomplished art of living where effort and rest, seriousness and fun, work and pleasure alternate according to a reliable order, going for a promenade also has its place.” - Quote from Karl Gottlob Schelle.

Near La Porte des Cascades, opt for a horseback riding day. During this ride, you will discover a unique marshland of nearly 400 hectares, which is the subject of a prefectural decree for the protection of the biotope since January 2011. “On your way back, be guided by the smell of the freshly-cooked lunch. A landmark moment for the group, representing a great opportunity to share a meal and laugh together!” - Patrice, Islandian Expert.

You can't use an old map to explore a new world.” - Quote from Albert Einstein.

Embark onboard the magnificent Hnoss sailing boat, with a special team of researchers. In the middle of the Indian Ocean, meet dolphins and whales while admiring on one side the infinite horizon and on the other, the shoreline.

He who knows how to taste never drinks wine again but tastes secrets.”- Quote from Salvador Dali.

During a gourmet experience at the Atelier Far Far kréol in Sainte-Suzanne, learn how to concoct a good Réunionese Creole dish, following Jacky's advice. “With fresh food from the market, get ready to prepare tasty samosas, chili candies, spicy curries, and tomato rougails!” – Shirley, Islandian Expert.

Nothing could be simpler and more beautiful than these two verbs put together: to go out and to meet!” - Quote from Roland Poupon.

A few kilometers from the center of Saint-Denis, the Beaubassin estate is a small jewel of Creole architecture. Through the past of the Mazérieux and Ozoux families, discover the history of Reunion Island.

Put away the book, the description, the tradition, the authority, and hit the road to self-discovery.” - Quote from Jiddu Krishnamurti.

Unveiled only a few years ago, the Blue Lava Tunnel of La Plaine-des-Cafres reveals underground wonders to adventurers. Equipped with a helmet, a headlamp, and gloves, you will discover an alternation of blue, orange, or red rocks during your morning or afternoon expedition!

Happiness is an abstract idea made up of a few feelings of pleasure.” - Quote from Voltaire.

On top of the southern coast of Reunion Island, jump out of a helicopter 3,000 meters above the ground. “The spectacle seen from the sky will be a worthy reward for your Reunion Island holidays.” - Christina, Islandian Expert.

Only the thought of going to the islands might be enough to fill you up. Once on the island, all needs are easily satisfied. There are so many beautiful ways to approach the islands, and to make your trip exceptional! At this very moment, faced with an ocean of possibilities, the Islandian Experts will guide you in planning your tailor-made escape to Reunion Island.

Flights, transfers, charming beach shacks, refined and street cuisines, accommodations, an encounter with locals, off-the-beaten-track adventures, curated itineraries... the carefully worked-out details will make your trip the perfect one.

A gust of freedom awaits, get ready!

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