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Outstanding Places to Stay & Visit in the Seychelles

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juil. 24, 2018

Outstanding Places to Stay & Visit in the Seychelles

Paradise to the Tune of Your Heart 

The Islandian promise is that you will submerge yourself in adventure and do as the locals do, wherever you go in the Indian Ocean. Three of our experts spent 5 days exploring the Seychelles’ main inner islands, visiting hotels and landmarks, to bring you a selection of exciting stories and memories, including top places to go and things to do in a heartbeat.

Early June … Yovana, Olivia and Marjorie toured 3 of the largest, and one of the tiniest, islands in this sprawling archipelago. This week we recount their exciting excursion to the main island, Mahé, a modern-day paradise, swimming in the beauty of its rich natural and historical ancestry.

Lagoon Tours & Island Cuisine to Your Heart’s Delight

Our providential travellers arrived on Thursday evening to Mahé, so it was night-time once they were welcomed by the grandeur of their hotel’s flickering lamps and torches – the splendiferous views would have to wait until morning. It was a very powerful moment, when at dawn’s light the ladies awakened to see the amazing beach and lagoon panoramas presented invitingly before them like an offering.

That first morning was spent sailing the idyllic turquoise lagoon in a luxury catamaran, offered by the Demeure de Cap Macon, a charming 5-suite guesthouse – perfect for honeymooners – set high amongst the forested south-eastern coastline. See Set Sail in the Seychelles – for more info on a trip combining 7-day catamaran cruise with 3 nights in hotel for a real island-hopping experience.

The afternoon brought other delights as they traversed the southern section of Mahé to take in more sites and wonders of this tropical paradise and its fascinating colonial heritage.

There is nothing like a day at sea to excite the taste buds, and the Seychelles – known for distinctive island cuisine inspired by a blend of Asian, Indian and African victuals – makes it unthinkable that the 3 women would pass up dining at Chez Plume, founded by the late Jean Claude Plumas, and still one of the best eating places on Mahé.

The current owner, Michael, hails from Australia and is expert on everything Seychellois. He and his staff pride themselves on serving up a convivial and informal atmosphere, with typical signature dishes like terrine de chauve souris (bat pâté), chouchoute gourd salad, aubergine fritters, ginger or curry-laced giraffe crab, and iconic desserts stuffed with fresh tropical fruits.

Yovana was delighted to discover that this quaint restaurant still carries a time-honoured tradition of offering locally cultivated produce and fresh-caught seafood, ensuring a uniquely-niche following of loyal gastronomes who have been savouring its repast for decades. Her favourite dish was a tenderly steamed shark’s filet draped in combava lime, followed by a sumptuous passionfruit soufflé.

Just next door along the sunset coast, is the cosy 10-room L’Auberge de l’Anse Boileau, where our Islandian visitors lodged peacefully overnight, but not until having been “pleasantly surprised to wander onto Anse Boileau beach in the early evening to find everyone casually parked with beers, taking in the glorious sunset, and ready for weekend pleasantries.” 

To follow this 4-part series about our Islandian Expert Team’s visit to the Seychelles, stay in touch and read Part 2 describing their adventures on the island of Praslin, coming up next time on 

Travel in Style with our local team

A shout-out is given by Yovana, Olivia and Marjorie to Creole Travel Services, whose staff did everything imaginable to make their visit a genuinely stylish island-hopping adventure, graced with panache. The always smiling CTS team ensured that their busy programme remained flexible, offering customer care, plus helpful tips along the way. In particular, George, their chauffeur on Mahé, was a wealth of information about the island and its colourful history.

What better way to plan your holidays in the Seychelles than with one of our Islandian Experts, who will assist you with creating your dream Indian Ocean island experience 

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