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Thinking about an off-season getaway? Here is why the Indian Ocean makes for a great winter escape.

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janv. 25, 2019

Thinking about an off-season getaway? Here is why the Indian Ocean makes for a great winter escape.

What a great idea – you’re thinking about going on an off-season tailor-made holiday in the Indian Ocean! And why not? Austral winters offer fresher climates, with temperatures rarely dropping below 20 degrees – even at night – and the ocean water is warmer by a net of at least 2 degrees.

Southern hemisphere winters technically stretch from April through October, when crowds are at a minimum, and the weather turns breezy and dry with light smatterings of localised rain. You can often land amazing offers on flights, accommodations and local end-of-season sales.

Splendour in the tropics

Immerse yourself in the astonishing fall colours of a Nature Discovery adventure: brilliant blue skies above the glistening turquoise lagoon and beach, glorious florae blooming bouquets of mauve, red, orange, yellow, and sparkling white. This awe-inspiring tour features a voyage to no less than nine picturesque sites on Mauritius and Réunion islands, including audacious treks into mountainous jungles, excursions out to sea, partaking in local fiestas, and sleeping in the lap of luxury.

Explore at your own pace while learning about the distinctive history, culture and topography of each of these sister islands. The best periods to visit are May, June or September, when the weather is dry and warm; and if you’re lucky, you may witness light snowfall at the appropriately named Piton des Neiges volcano in Reunion island, and pods of dolphin schooling off the west coast of Mauritius.

Island Hopping Intimacy

The Seychelles archipelago offers some of the most exclusive and far-flung isles on earth, and nothing is easier than cruising from one to the other while enjoying the Boutique Hotel Travels tailor-made trip. Mahé, La Digue and Praslin form the basis of your experience, where you stay in chic and cosy boutique hotels by the sea, with the option of taking leisurely side trips to off-shore islets, UNESCO’s La Vallée de Mai to see the world-famous “coco fesse”, secluded coves for picturesque photo-taking, and old-style tea and coconut plantations – some still in working order.

May and June are the best months to visit during off-season; and snorkelling, sailing, windsurfing, hikes and bird-watching are amongst the most popular activities to do in the Seychelles. Bicycle around carless La Digue, stroll capital city Victoria one afternoon, and eat the most tongue-tingling foods to your heart’s delight.

An atypical island getaway

Put on your wetsuit because the "trade winds" are stronger during the winter - perfect for kitesurfing and windsurfing sessions. This is the time to explore the west coast of Mauritius, where you will find the best surfing spots, and admire the sunset as well as the changing colours of the sky - a breath-taking spectacle in wintery season!

In addition to swimwear, be sure to bring plenty of lightweight cotton and linen clothing, plus a waterproof jacket and a comfy pullover, or oversized shawl for the windy evenings. Trousers for men are de rigueur; walking shoes, sunscreen and mosquito repellent are also a must.

Our Islandian experts have every bit of advice for making your ‘winter’ tailor-made holiday to the Indian Ocean the most unique and exclusive ever. Contact us today to plan your off-season adventure now!

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