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La Digue: an out-of-this-world destination

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août 29, 2018

La Digue: an out-of-this-world destination

The Islandian promise is that you will submerge yourself in adventure and do as the locals do, wherever you go in the Indian Ocean. Three of our experts spent 5 days exploring the Seychelles’ main inner islands, visiting hotels and landmarks, to bring you a selection of exciting stories and memories, including top places to go and things to do in a heartbeat.

Early June … Yovana, Olivia and Marjorie toured 3 of the largest, and one of the tiniest, islands in this sprawling archipelago. In our previous blog, Islandian recounted their adventures on the Seychelles island Praslin, where they visited the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Vallée de Mai. This week we recount their excursion to Praslin’s satellite island, La Digue, for an out-of-this-world undertaking.

Laid Back & Au So Naturel

From Praslin’s jetty at Baie Ste Anne, our adventurers caught the Cat Rose ferry to La Digue, a short 10-minute trajectory, and the only mode of transport between the islands. Once there, peace and calm settled in. Time stands still on La Digue – the rhythm is cool and ultra-relaxed, wild Giant Aldabra tortoises roam the streets, and flourishing forests are streaming with sounds and scents beyond one’s dreams. For those who adore exploring – at – a – slow – pace – traveling at leisure by ox-cart and bicycle, while taking in beauty at every twist and turn along the way, is a delight.

There was no question how they would get about, so they mounted their bicycles – an almost exclusive conveyance on the relatively flat, sandy terrain, where roads are not paved though very manageable – and pedalled to Le Nautique Luxury Waterfront Hotel. This divine, family-owned coastal resort is just steps away from the glistening Indian Ocean, where guests receive a fresh, personalised and memorable island experience unlike anything else in the Seychelles. Le Nautique Luxury Waterfront Hotel will join the Islandian collection soon; for more information about it now, feel free to ask your personal travel expert.

In the afternoon, the threesome rode a short distance to L’Union, a working plantation and factory that still practices copra manufacturing in the ancient method, whereby a bull walks circles around a traditional wooden mill, grinding the methodically extracted coconut flesh to a pulp. 

Coconut by-products are also useful in an assortment of the island’s everyday needs: husks are shredded and made into mattresses; delicious juices are conserved for drinking; oil is used to cook, for lighting lamps and stoves, and even for sun-bathing; nutritious flesh is yummy to munch on, grind into flour for baking, or for use in animal feed.

The ladies luxuriated under the shady, scented vanilla plantation, and admired the tortoise park where they fed these massive amphibious creatures with long blades of grass – especially aware of protecting their lingering fingers. On site is Plantation House, the old colonial mansion famed for having been filmed in the legendary Emmanuelle porn flicks. 

Anse Source d’Argent, the Seychelles best-known picture postcard beach, is accessible from L’Union Estate, and our group didn’t pass up taking their own selfies with the spectacular sunset in the background. In the evening, the troupe headed to Le Domaine de L'Orangeraie Resort & Spa, for an exotic epicurean experience, which included savoury fish and freshly-harvested garden delights, lovingly seasoned and displayed for every one of the senses.

The night time atmosphere on La Digue is very particular: it becomes extremely quiet and calm once day visitors have left, and the sky – now a crisp bluey-black – is filled with trillions of twinkling stars, making one feel they are simply at the end of the earth. As they ascended their bikes once more to return to their lodgings at the charming Villa Veuve Guest House, Yovana marvelled at how it truly is the easiest and most effective way to get around, and that even by night, riding is a joy, and very safe.

What better way to plan your holidays in the Seychelles than with one of our Islandian Experts, who will assist you with creating your dream Indian Ocean island experience.

To follow this 4-part series about our Team's visit to the Seychelles, stay in touch and read the Part 4 describing their adventures to the island of Ile Ronde, coming up soon on

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