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Into the green: how to prepare a stress-free Christmas holiday in the tropics

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oct. 12, 2018

Into the green: how to prepare a stress-free Christmas holiday in the tropics

Dreaming about Christmas holidays somewhere tropical, warm and totally delightful? proposes the top 3 exotic locations to spend your December holidays and is here to help you plan your vacation ahead of time and stress-free.

Sweetness & Smiles

Christmas in Mauritius is a tropical wonderland. You won’t miss snow and the cold once you see the mesmerizing turquoise lagoon, the bright flamboyant trees, and taste luscious tropical fruits of every colour and shape.

LUX* Belle Mare – in the northeast, and Heritage Awali – on the southwest, ranked among the island’s leading luxury resorts, know exactly what : countless water activities, a round of golf, a blissful spa experience, yoga sessions at sunrise, or a romantic diner on the beach – in your private villa, or at any of the resorts’ superb restaurants.

There are many celebrations during this time of year, so pick up some locally-produced beer or rum, and head for a star-lit beach party. Who knows, you may see Santa there, too!

Never-Ending Beauty

The Maldives are coral islands sprinkled over crystalline waters, offering spectacular sunsets, and providing a shelter to an impressive marine eco-system. Ideal for diving enthusiast and sea-faring adventures, it is also THE place to get away for an unforgettable Maldivian Castaway Christmas experience.

Every day will be Christmas! You will wake up to gentle waves lapping the shoreline, indulge in delicious breakfast on the beach, and later be escorted by dhoni to a barbecue or a sandbank picnic lunch. You may as well stay overnight on a neighbouring islet, and revel in relaxing massages under the palms.

Festivities are catered for by the resort - the staff will decorate trees, set up lights, and may even invite Santa for the party. This charming hideaway and its dazzling natural beauty, will make that vision of a Christmas on a tropical paradise a reality.

Island-Hopping Enchantment

The granitic Seychelles islands are one of world’s most beautiful tropical destination. They are bestowed with a potpourri of rare flora and fauna, dramatic backdrops, and limpid jewel-tone waters. Why not Set Sail in the Seychelles with a Christmas voyage through this paradise from another era?

Almost every island celebrates the holiday season with colourful decorations, lighted trees, reggae music in the background, and fireworks lighting up the sky. There is nothing better than spending Christmas holidays snorkelling at Ste Anne and Coco islands. If you love nature and hiking, do not miss hiking St Pierre’s towering pink rocks, and traveling La Digue by bicycle or on an ox-cart.

Cousin Island is home to a rare bird sanctuary. Another attraction includes ‘Curieuse’ – the Aldabra and ‘Grande Soeur’ the famous tortoises. Praslin Island is home to La Vallée de Mai, and its infamous ‘’coco fesse’’, commonly known as the sea coconut. The mainland Mahé boasts colourful villages and the spice scents will entice you to taste the traditional creole cuisine including countless tropical fish species and locally grown fruits. You may as well get to experience the midnight mass on the 24th of December depending on the dates of your voyage.

Get ready for the Christmas of your life filled with island-hopping enchantment.

The Indian Ocean offers a Christmas vacation in paradise, whether on glistening white Mauritian beaches, a pink granite Seychelles landscape, or a turquoise-laced Maldivian atoll! For assistance in creating your dream Christmas holiday in the tropics, contact our Islandian Experts today.

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