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Island experiences designed by island experts.

Seven days, two islands

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déc. 04, 2019

Seven days, two islands

Which island to choose between Mauritius and Rodrigues for a tailor-made family escape at the heart of the tropics?

Love at first sight for the Indian Ocean

Once upon a time… the Indian Ocean; authentic, magical and fascinating. The various volcanic islands – Maldives, Seychelles, Reunion, Rodrigues and Mauritius – spring from the sea and stand out by preserving their history, exceptional fauna and flora, laid-back lifestyle, flavours of the world and authenticity… a perfect blend granting such a unique charm to these idyllic islands.

And what an opportunity it is, that these paradisiacal islands are only some eleven-hour flights away! A seven-day tailor-made family holiday awaits, at the heart of Mauritius and Rodrigues. Let yourself be guided by our local experts Cathy, Yovana, Natacha, Guenaelle and Patrice, to craft your next holidays in Mauritius or your next journey to Rodrigues. 3, 2, 1 go !

These idyllic islands valued for their charm

Rum-passion fruit flavours, and “Mauritian Sega” tunes as backdrop; holidays in Mauritius already feel so good! Here, life seems to be easy when you know how to value simplicity. During the day, you usually come across beautiful women in their traditional and colourful sarees, before going to the beach for a morning swim in the turquoise lagoon or just relaxing on the hot golden sand.

At lunch time or at any time of the day, nearby little stores, usually owned by Sino-Mauritian families, sell delicious local snacks of any kind. Soon after having lunch on the run, under the shades of some filaos or coconut trees, a peaceful walk amidst nature or a bicycle ride in a sugar cane plantation await. Mauritius provides travellers with an authenticity it owes itself to preserve. Its casual atmosphere may be found at the heart of the capital city as well as in the coastal villages, where everyone feels at ease amongst a mosaic of ethnicities, religions and cultures, to form a way of life found nowhere else.

According to Cathy, Islandian expert, Port-Louis’ corners are a fine example of this typical atmosphere: “Alongside the roads, young artists express their deepest passion for the country’s heritage in the form of modern street arts. If time allows, I invite nomads to roam along the capital city!”. Learn more about the beautiful island of Mauritius.

45-minutes away from Mauritius, nestles Rodrigues, “the most authentic and charming island of the Indian Ocean” according to Guenaelle, Islandian expert. From the outset, Rodrigues delights travellers with its secret charms. At sunrise, you may spot some modest boats coming back from a successful early morning fishing session. In the background, clouds shield the sun and shadows disappear, giving way to some cow and sheep herds crossing trails to graze fresh grass.

Jumping on a funky scooter, you may ride towards various coves harbouring amazing beaches, for a chest deep water swim. If you are lucky enough, you may also meet an octopus-stitcher on your hilly way back, before passing through a local market and grab some few hand-made souvenirs to bring along; a straw hat, a homemade jam or a typical coconut pie. Mmm, delicious !

According to Natacha “Rodrigues’ exceptional authenticity is one of its greatest treasures. Its serene atmosphere is not easy to describe, as the island remains unchanged, like far from the real world. Only a trip to Rodrigues Island may take you back in time!”. Learn more about this authentic Rodrigues Island !

These two idyllic islands valued for their charm, also provide a wide choice of accommodations.

These nice addresses we recommend

From private beach villas to 5-star family resorts and charming hotels, whatever you have in mind with regards to lodgings, can be made real, during your trip to Mauritius or Rodrigues.

The wide choice of accommodations in Mauritius, is one of the island’s undeniable great asset. As per your status (family or couple), your desires (discovery trip or relaxing journey) and your budget, the Islandian experts will always be glad to deliver the ideal and personalized trade-off. Below, Yovana and Patrice share their suggestions:

o Yovana’s recommendation – “For holidays in Mauritius in a comfortable family hotel, I would suggest the Constance Belle Mare Plage. This stunning resort located on the East coast of the island, has built its reputation over the years. Here, the contemporary design blends with some traditional hints to create a warm feeling. During the day, there is a wide range of water and land-based activities children can take part in!”.

o Patrice’s recommendation – “If you are looking for family holidays at an affordable price, I suggest a stay at Zilwa Attitude. Nestled on the North coast of the island, this authentic hotel invites travellers to enjoy special moments inspired by local traditions. Various activities are available to children, and on this note, the “Ayo Dodo” mini-club built on a pirate’s sailboat is simply amazing!”.

As for Rodrigues, accommodations are “cosier” and can be counted on both hands. Below, Chevrine and Natacha share their suggestions:

o Chevrine’s recommendation – “On the South-Est coast of Rodrigues, an eco chic lodge called Bakwa Lodge is perfect for family getaways. Here, you never talk about missing comforts. Upon request, extra toddler beds may be installed and a day & night babysitting may be arranged at an additional charge.”

o Natacha’s recommendation – “The warmth of La Belle Rodriguaise clearly represents the local Rodriguan charm you are looking for, during your journey far away from home. Authenticity and wild nature await, for highly colourful family holidays! The friendly guest-house owners, Françoise et Laval from the South-East coast of the island, share with guests their favourite activities for a memorable personalized trip!”.

If the decision of where to finally spend the family getaway seems tough, opting for a 9-day tailor-made experience at the heart of Mauritius might be an interesting option. From visits to authentic villages, cocooning days, full-days of activities between land and sea and stays in different luxurious hotels, this family experience promises to be emotionally rich! Learn more about this luxury family getaway in Mauritius!

These picks of fine addresses trigger enthusiasm! Truth is: Adventure-savvy travellers might not understand the art of spending hours on a sunbed. However, a great idleness occurs, when enjoying simple moments shared with family members, especially at meal time.

It is no secret that Mauritius is THE ultimate street-food destination. So wait no more!


Jump into a taxi on the lookout for trailers parked on the roadside. Our tip: Choose the one with the longest queue; you will sure not be disappointed by the delicious « Dholl Puri », « Gato-Pima », « Roti », « Biryani » or « Halim ». For refined cuisine adepts, other options may be seized. Admittedly, Mauritius cannot be compared to big cities with high-end gastronomic restaurants, but some exceptional utmost quality gems await to be experienced here.

o Cathy’s suggestion – “I’ve been lucky enough to recently have lunch at Bodrum Blue, the Turkish restaurant of LUX* Grand Gaube, and was won over by its original setting by the beach, as well as the delicacy of its dishes. I highly recommend this A la carte restaurant”.

o Natacha’s suggestion – “For the greatest delight of gourmets and Mauritian gastronomic enthusiasts, I suggest the Spice restaurant at the Sands Suites Resort & Spa. Bonus: If you are on half-board basis, a credit will be granted!”.

Rodrigues holds no exception: To the rhythm of “Sega Tambour” with its Afro-Malagasy influence, Rodriguans invite travellers to taste their carefully prepared delightful cuisine. Below, the Islandian experts tell you more about their favourites:

o Patrice’s suggestion – “The Tek Tropical Dining of Tekoma Boutik Hotel perfectly highlights the region's products. What a perfect excuse to enjoy the hotel’s yummy meals at breakfast or dinner time, in a pleasant atmosphere.”

o Yovana’s suggestion – « The Gombrani Lodge’s restaurant is ideal if you are looking for a generous buffet for breakfast, or a hearty dinner at night”.

o Anais’s suggestion – « Nearby the Tekoma Boutik Hotel, be warmly welcomed by Solange & Robert in their own restaurant, for some typical local meals. Having lunch there is a must!”.

Should we say “See you very soon!”?

Combining Rodrigues and Mauritius, two of the most beautiful destinations of the Indian Ocean, in a unique trip… That’s a unique family escape guaranteed, filled with nice addresses, deep flavours and turquoise lagoons, that also invite travellers to meet the locals, go out-of-the-beaten-track, discover new specialities and disconnect. It will love at first sight, we guarantee!

The Islandian experts locally crafted an experience, as per your needs and desires for the perfect family holidays in the tropics. A journey to Mauritius for the entire family combining accommodations carefully equipped for children needs and activities. Guided by our experts, let’s plan together your next getaway, with discovery field-trips and time off altogether.

Learn more about our luxury family getaway in Mauritius and cheers to some lifelong family memories!

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