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Know it all about the first Wellness Festival in Mauritius

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mai 23, 2019

Know it all about the first Wellness Festival in Mauritius

How about pressing pause for a day ... or three? To reconnect, feed your inner soul, rediscover yourself and live memorable moments. Let us tell you about this total escape for body and soul that we’ve experienced during the Wellness Festival held in Mauritius from May 3rd to 5th in the magnificent setting of Heritage Le Telfair Hotel. We were lucky enough to be part of one of these days … We’ll tell you all about it!

On the agenda of this 100% wellness event: conferences, interactive workshops such as the "Inspirational Talk Tent", the "Soulful Creative Journey" and the "Stand-Up Paddleboard Yoga"… Coaching sessions especially designed to transport you to the Zen universe led by professionals from around the world such as Jeanette Fuchs, Almarie Venter, Kim Siew, Danyal Lefevre and Stephanie Perrier only to name a few. They were more than eager to demonstrate how detox, well-being, fitness and healthy cooking would guide you to a healthier lifestyle. As they perfectly say, how satisfying it was to have “a healthy mind in a healthy body”.

Yang Yoga in the Zen 

Upon our arrival, we were warmly welcomed by the cheerful staff dressed in white and green, before being equipped with some blue bracelets on the wrist as a pass for the day. 
In the courtyard of the magnificent Heritage Le Telfair were scattered small stands from which intoxicating scents of essences and essential oils could be perceived. Wellness products were on display for those who wished to acquire stones and other accessories. We were kindly offered some invigorating head massage by the pool. We let ourselves quietly be immersed into a torpor to the sound of water wiggling with the wind while our masseur soothed us with a masterful hand. Further on, three tents stood majestically in front of us, under which the activities for the day were to be held.

The day was kicked off with some Yang Yoga. Yang actually refers to an active practice of the muscles, a powerful practice based on yoga aspects (strength, alignment and dynamic movement), reinforcing the body’s warmth and strength The breath serves as an anchor for balancing Yin and Yang and harmonizing the flow of Qi in the body. The five Chinese elements (water, wood, fire, earth and metals) are integrated in this practice as well as the corresponding meridians and organs. We explored the limits of our body to find ease and peace in our practice.

About fifteen participants, from amateurs to experts, equipped with their Yoga mat were gathered to practice Yang Yoga. As we followed the yogi’s instructions, a cosy atmosphere settled in with melodious music resounding in the background. Yang Yoga is definitely like a confession with nature and the elements. A light wind blowing through our hair, the lapping waves crashing on the beach a few meters away and the birds singing, soothing us while our feet caressed the fine sand from time to time. The experience was highly inspiring and invigorating.

Intuitive Living in the Inspirational Talk Tent

The C Beach Club prepared a splendid exotic buffet for lunch. On the menu: local vegetables, a “salad bar” enriched with wheat, quinoa and semolina, fruit, fresh juice, seeds, dried fruits and seafood. A complete and healthy buffet that immediately whetted our appetite. Recycled paper plates and wooden cutlery were put at disposal. We shared our meal in a friendly atmosphere, spending some quality time with the other participants.

At the end of the lunch break, we embarked on the second activity of the day: intuitive living, following the instructions of Almarie Venter, our wellness coach. We put ourselves at ease on yellow and white cushions laid on freshly cut grass, sheltered by a large tent amidst the courtyard. For the convenience of each participant, two large screens were installed for the occasion.

Almarie taught us how to effectively use our instinct during this activity. We learned how to be more attentive to our body, to be receptive to the different messages it transmits and to act accordingly. It is important to let the body find its own pace and adapt to it. Our instructor dwelt on this aspect of human nature and insisted on the importance of listening to our body and taking care of it. Making healthy changes to our eating habits is a sound starting point ; Getting a daily adequate amount of nutritious food from the required food groups and starting as early as possible, were the precious advice given by our
wellness coach.

Soulful Creative Journey, Yoga & Painting, in the Active Tent 

Our last activity of the day took us on a spiritual journey, drawing from the depths of our soul many untapped potentials. Although the session started timidly, we got into the game very quickly. We learnt how to let go and discover ourselves more freely through painting and yoga. In India, yoga is closely linked to the history of the arts. By calming the mind, yoga opens the field of creation.

Down with inhibitions and judgments! It was an appointment with oneself to get to know our own being and to go beyond our limits. There was nothing to stop us from expressing what or how we felt inside. We freed our soul through art, moving from yoga mats to canvas. As we let the colors find their way on the canva, we were immersed by a feeling of well-being. A liberating moment that reconciled creativity, relaxation and emotion. 

At the end of the day, we returned home with a light heart and in communion with ourselves. Our body seemed to soothe after this pampering moment! We are eagerly looking forward to the second edition of the Wellness Festival in Mauritius.

Photos credit : Mauritius Wellness Festival / Karl Ahnee / Laura Mearini

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