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Experience an authentic trip to Rodrigues Island with local experts

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août 16, 2019

Experience an authentic trip to Rodrigues Island with local experts

You have been longing for otherworldliness far from le hustle and bustle and most of all remote from busy touristic destinations?

We picked our best travel notes to  craft a trip closer to heaven than real life. Rodrigues island, this little gem nested right in the heart of the Indian Ocean holds its mysterious discretion from its 108 km2 surface area for 38 000 inhabitants and from the authentic tourism offered to nature lover holidaymakers. Unspoilt by consequent urban developments, the dramatic lagoons  have retained an aquatic wildlife, the only one of its kind in the world, attracting divers and swimmers inquisitive about this luxuriant nature.

One and a half hour flight from Mauritius, Rodrigues unveils itself as a secret island in the middle of a vast swath of coastal waters in different breath-taking blues. The Plaine Corail airport, on a human scale, will set the pace of your holidays in Rodrigues right away through its peaceful atmosphere and thanks to the warmth and hospitality of Rodriguans who will be welcoming you in their lovely melodious accent.

Chilled out, you will enjoy crossing hills and coastal roads through astonishing green landscapes or sheer sandstone cliffs, while keeping an eye on the crystalline ocean waters under the gentle tropical sun all year round. Fans of nature walk will be delighted by the trails within reach of any level through stunningly beautiful sceneries or picturesque villages hosting ever smiling families and farmers.

The different sports professionals will be yearning for entertainment through a selection of sea, land and air activities, and particularly, world-renowned kitesurfing spots. Rodriguans are producers of farming in the open air as well as planting diversified crops. They produce a wide range of fresh ingredients, which they transform into exotic recipes, of which only they have the secret.

It may be one of the smallest capital cities in the world, but Port-Mathurin is still an inescapable town to visit for discovering creole lifestyle during your holidays in Rodrigues. Its uniqueness derives from the perfect balance acquired through time between its French colonial past history and the modern world. That is why it owes its name to a former resident Mathurin. Nowadays the tiny town is scattered with administrative offices, shops and typical restaurants.

While frolicking in the streets of Port-Mathurin, you will come across majestic colonial style houses, grocery stores offering artisanal products as well as restaurants presenting elaborate cuisine to stimulate your taste buds. Last but not least, be sure to stop by a local store to taste the famous Rodriguan pie for snack time. Usually prepared with papaya and coconut filling, it nowadays comes in different variations of exotic fruits disengaging a sweet fragrance.

What would be the best way to enjoy those genuine treats for the senses at Port Mathurin, without losing a beat when getting back to the hotel each night? The tip is to stay with a host like on every self-respecting authentic island. Try out Le Domaine de la Paix, a full-blown guesthouse. Claudine and Pascale will be welcoming you in a natural setting of green valleys bestowing rooms with panoramic views over the kind of landscape that arouse a sense of longing to the island, and only 7 minutes’ drive the capital city.

You will get a chance to enjoy a tailor-made trip to Rodrigues island like a local inhabitant but with the overall comfort you need to make your stay memorable: fully equipped room, swimming pool and meal services on spot. You may try the Domaine de la Paix’s homemade brioches topped with jam or organic honey made in Rodrigues. There is nothing better than a complete breakfast to set off for a fruitful day either at the Port-Mathurin market on Saturday mornings or at the bazaar everyday to discover that folkloric daily life.

To remain in this exclusive setting amidst wild nature, Gombrani Lodge has everything you need!  Treat yourself to this haven of peace on the top of a hill with a 360-degree angle view over the exuberant and spontaneous nature of the south of the island. Boast yourself with a ringside seat to admire those little islands south, which so much make us dream.

You have always been daydreaming about living out adventure as Robinson Crusoe but were afraid you could not withstand the lack of home comfort? The Gombrani Lodge has struck the right compromise between rustic country cottages and the essential elements for a tailor-made trip to Rodrigues. Nestled amidst a garden of exotic plants and tropical flowers, the comfort of the fully equipped rooms meet that required for every traveller and, moreover, with a view over the lagoon.

You will be spoiled by a breakfast buffet to start your exotic adventure as a cast away every morning and also be able to book for dinner a selection of fresh, local and organic produces to share with your peers about the best part of your visits in this idyllic setting. The bar, opened as from 10h00, offers a selection of drinks, for a fresh boost at any time of the day or to share a cup of coffee with a soothing aroma.

From excursions to sports activities such as trekking and dives, the Gombrani Lodge will be pleased to guide through exciting activities in nature. They will also treat you at the end of the day on one of their private balconies overlooking the ocean or suggest local evening entertainment for the most euphoric travellers to enjoy the traditional Rodriguan sega and entertaining beats. En suite or in a bungalow, our Islandian experts will channel you to the best choice of room ideally matching your dream holidays whether you are travelling as a couple, with your family, with friends or alone. At the Gombrani Lodge treat yourself with the best of Rodrigues while feeling the comfort just like at home.

Experience an authentic as well as intriguing moment with Rodrigues rhythm where time seems to stand still on a little piece of paradise. Your desires for a change of scenery and relaxation will definitely be satisfied during your trip on this Indian Ocean oasis. Between the turquoise sea and the clear blue sky, you will leave the hustle and greyness with no regrets to enjoy to the fullest, serenity and pastel colours in a bucolic setting and in an outlandish atmosphere. Early birds, at dawn you will love to observe the renowned octopus catchers in the lagoons, symbolic of this dream place. If you wish to have a rest, it will still be time to let the sounds of nature permeate you, in early morning. You will catch up with the beaten tracks later during the day to discover green valleys and practically deserted beaches.

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