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A guide to exploring Praslin, Seychelles

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oct. 22, 2019

A guide to exploring Praslin, Seychelles

Episode 2 : « My travel diary about Praslin in the Seychelles» – Thierry, Islandian expert

Although our eductour in Seychelles was structured according to a shared schedule, each one of us has experienced unique moments. Anaïs had been minutely observing in her previous article the flora and the fauna, as well as, her favourite hotels in Mahé. On my side, this journey has been a rediscovery of this archipelago, different from the other islands of the Indian Ocean; Indeed, this is exactly where I started my professional career from 2001 to 2005. So, returning there was obviously, what I had been longing for, for so many years.

Praslin, the not-to-be-missed secret spot

Returning to the Seychelles left me with exactly the same impression as the first time I visited this archipelago: amazement of the divine splendour of this granitic and coral gem. Not much had changed over the past fourteen years. The nature, as pristine as before, appears to have been upturned. The cleanliness of urban environments remained tight. That strong feeling, as if I have been on the other side of the world has once again taken over my spirit. And what a blessing was it to return to the island I cherish the most; Praslin.

The beauty of its beaches and landscapes seem to have survived the test of time. Obviously, the island has not been spared by the urban development spreading over this modern world; Banks, agencies and supermarkets built here and there, but nothing that can yet, obstruct its pure and unspoilt beauty. I noticed that respect for the environment is increasingly worshiped in Seychelles as the towns and villages have maintained a healthy and clean environment. That desire to protect tomorrow’s world seems to be now inherent to the Seychellois’ culture, which will definitely help the country to foresee a successful future in tourism.

"Seychelles, a timeless destination"; This sentence, repeated and approved by all those who have, even once, set foot there, could not be more accurate. And its almost pristine beaches, totally postcard-material, are such a fine example.

One of my favourite holiday routine was soon set up as I was visiting the archipelago progressively: a take-away in hand and off I was to conquer the different beaches. They are by far the most stunning and that discovery feeling became clear at that very moment. One of the stretches of sand, which caught my attention was Anse Boudin. Even if the word « Boudin », which means « pudding » in French is not so glamorous, all the qualities of a dream beach can be ascribed to it: white sand, crystalline waters and bent coconut trees, perfect for wonderful selfies worthy of a dream vacation. And even if Anais already mentioned it in the previous article, I’d also highlight the rare beauty of Anse Georgette and Anse Lazio, where one can contemplate awe-inspiring waves crushing on the shore.

Quick look at the warm-hearted Seychellois

It was such a pleasure to get to meet the Seychellois again during this trip! They are still welcoming and cheerful. One of the experiences of full immersion into the life and culture of the local community which I liked the most, was the tasting of grilled fish, an inescapable traditional dish of the Seychellois cuisine. Widely served at local restaurants, accompanied with salad, potato fries, and a good local beer or with a glass of Takamaka rum … it’s definitely not be to missed !

Among those typically Seychellois dishes, still mouth-watering in hindsight, the shark’s head is available in a spicy stew called “the Cari Coco La Tête Rekin”. I also treated myself to some crab with the same sauce, namely in “curry”; Unusual but oh-so-tasty! Even more exotic is the chili pepper bat stew, which may surprise some, but the taste was simply exquisite! To be found and savoured without moderation at Chez Plume in Anse Boileau.

Also, for the surf lover that I am, the two to three-meter waves of Anse Lazio, are simply a surfers' paradise. No reef in sight, it' s a free hand for a maximum of thrills.

An overview of my favourite hotels in Praslin

●Archipel! This charming hotel offers spacious accommodations, scattered in a beautiful scenery of lush vegetation. On top of the surrounding hills, they provide a splendid view over a nice private beach, exclusively reserved to the hotel’s clients. Totally love this address!

●In Anse Volbert, the beautiful Villas d’Or cannot be missed! Real little gem, these pretty and well-maintained villas, provide this complete tranquillity, we are all searching for when traveling to the Seychelles. Each villa perfectly combines with the natural surroundings and is a stone’s throw from the beach, a major advantage!

●Finally, my favourite will fondly remain the Constance Lemuria Resort, where I had the opportunity of working a few years ago. As a former Relais & Château, it has conserved its architectural beauty and high quality standard ; The beautiful rooms, excellent bedding, pleasant common areas and outstanding service, as I expected, has not changed with time. At Constance Lemuria, guests are not only a room number but rather an opportunity to treat its trusted visitors to unique experiences. Another feature is that the beach adjoining the hotel is well known to be a sanctuary for sea turtles. The mommy turtles lay their eggs by the month of September, followed by the hatches held under the eyes of the luckiest guests.

To sum up, the reasons why I would gladly take the next flight to the Seychelles are for its dreamy beaches, exquisite local cuisine and warm hospitality of the Seychellois. Seychelles is a haven for escapism and relaxation and deserves more than just a stroll. So, when you're thinking about your next couple or family getaway, please do consider this gem from the Indian Ocean. This stay was really special and confirmed all the awe and respect I have for this island.

Up to Patrice now to share with you his fondest adventures during our stay in the Seychelles. See you in a few days, for some many fascinating facts about La Digue ...

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