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A Family Affair

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nov. 13, 2017

A Family Affair

Planning a family trip is no easy task; picking the right resort to house your entire clan is a feat in itself. Endless questions overcome you. Do we need a visa for the baby? Must I pack all of their stuffed animals? How do we keep them all entertained.

A few useful tips can transform your trip from a logistical nightmare to a stress-free dream vacation.

Choose your destination with your kids:

Gone are the days when you travel without a plan and allow the spur of the moment to guide you. Don’t go in blind. Let your kids have a say in where you travel, familiarise yourself with all the attractions in the area and make sure there is something for all of you to do.

Look for an active rich resort:

Go for a resort where everything has been organised to entertain your kids, from toddlers to teenagers. Make sure that you can get those few moments to escape from kid-sitting to fit in a relaxing sun tan on the beach or a divine massage at the Spa.

Pack thoughtfully:

When escaping to the islands, pack light! The indispensables: bathing shorts, swimming costumes, bikinis, pareos, hats, slops, sunglasses…and last but not least, don’t forget your sun cream. That’s about it really! Adopt the island style!

Have an emergency first-aid kit handy:

Ear pain on flights or an unannounced stomach bug may well induce that dreaded public meltdown. Have medical supplies and prescriptions ready. Extra points for headache-relieving medicine for Mom or Dad!

Forget about schedules:

Strict departure times and set itineraries will most likely be disrupted by your kids slowing you down - dressing, packing, feeding... Plan one or two solid goals for each day, and wing the rest of the day. Remember, family trips are meant to be fun. So keep it fun!

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