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Island experiences designed by island experts.


What is it about hotels that make us return, time and time again? They offer an entry into a realm of possibility: the ability to order breakfast-in-bed late into the night, to remain incognito, to sleep in, to discover a new culture, to wear a robe from morning until whenever. They afford the luxury of time: you may -for hours on end- lay on the beach with a summer read or simply do nothing. Restless travellers can partake in the innumerable activities proposed. Above all, hotels offer a home away from home and memories that will remain long after you leave. Oh, and you don’t have to cook.



3 unique experiences of cultural discoveries in the Indian Ocean

A mixture of cultures, ancestral rites, accents, cuisines and inhabitants ... Only 30 minutes away from each other, the sister islands, Mauritius and Reunion, cultivate their differences as well as their similarities. Taste their authentic culture and savor conversations with the locals, revel in their [...]


Which atoll to choose for a family trip to Maldives?

White sandy beaches stretching to infinity, 26 atolls composed of 1,190 islands streaked in the Indian Ocean like pearl necklaces, unrivalled luxury and an amazing underwater world; Maldives is a haven far from the hustle and bustle of city life. This archipelago, the lowest in [...]


Tailor-made wellness holidays in the Seychelles

Looking for a healthy break from work, to unwind, take care of your body and relax away from the frenzy of big cities? Seychelles is your destination of choice! Escape from your daily routine and embark on a wellness journey at the heart of these [...]


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